BN Series, Ex nA Connector

BDY Ex cinnectorVery robust IECEx/ATEX certified connector, suitable for zone 2 / category 3 hazardous areas.

BN series is a small robust connector in stainless steel bodies with “Quick Release” coupling, thus no treads to gall. It utilizes an unique tamper proof “Spinloc” high tensile brass locking collar, which require no locking setscrew. Push – pull cable adaptor ensure easy termination of armoured or not armoured cable.

– IECEx/ATEX Certified: EX nA IIC T6, CE 1180, Ex II 3G
– Material: 316 Stainless Steel
– IP 68 – 1 bar when mated or capped
– Contact conficuration: 3 to 9 contacts, 275V to 135V / 10 Amp. to 3 Amp.

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