Cablegrips and Swivels

Cablegrips 2Cable pulling, positioning, routing and strain relief can easy be done with cablegrips. These can be supplied in different materials, also none conductive. A precise, hand woven construction process and individual product inspection ensures a high quality product for reliable, long lasting usage.

Medium Duty Standard Cablegrips.
Ideal for pulling medium to heavy loads of single or group of cables.

Lace Up Cablegrips.
Fitted to the cable being pulled by stitching it together. Mainly used where a typical cablegrip can not be fitted over the cable end.

Fibre Optic Cablegrips.
Double weaved, specially designed to hold the cable weight so no strain occur to the fibres.

Heavy Duty Cablegrips.
Standard applications or custom made orders including grips with diam. up to 500 mm. and breaking loads exceeding 5000 kg.

Non-Metallic (Aramid) Cablecrips.
None conductive cablegrips are made of a high strength , non conductive aramid fbre. They are available for pulling both single cable or bundles.

Wind Turbine Support Cablegrips.
Specifically developed for cable support applications in wind turbines. Features an offset eye construction which allows the cable to pas through.

Cable Laying Rollers.
They are of steel construction with zinc plating for general purpose cable intallation work in trenches. They are suitable for power, telecoms and utility installations, and can bridge existing cables in trenches or ducts.

Swivels are designed to the highest specifications for underground and overhead pulling and relief applications.