Field service

field-service1We can offer a full range of field electrical, optical and mechanical terminaion and moulding services. Fully trained technicans support your requirements nationally or internationally.

Field services are offered with competitive technician rates and are inclusive of all standard equipment required to carry out the work.

Following equipment can support our field service:
- Light Meter WG-OLS-6 Single Mode @ 1310 nm and 1550 nm.
– Light Meter WG-OLS-5 Multimode @ 850 nm and 1300 nm.
– Optical Power Meter WG-OLP-15B for testing @ 780 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm – OTDR EXFO FTB-300 Multimode.
– OTDR Wavetek TTS 5000 series Singlemode.
– Laser Torch fault locator.
– Certified Singlemode 500 metre launch lead.
– Singlemode certified test leads.
– Multimode certified test leads.
– PentaScanner for measuring category 5 cables. Tests capacitance, noise, loop resistance, impedance and attenuation.
– Megger insulation and resistance tester BM80/2 and BM403.
– Biddel high voltage insulation and resistance tester to 70 kV dc.
– DANBRIDGE high voltage tester.
– Fluke multimeter 787 and 83.
– Farnell low resistance test set.

Included in the equipment will also be a full range of electrical and optical termination equipment for all types of termination, repairs and moulding in both polyurethane and plyethylene. Specifically engineered field installable terminations and mould tools can be created through engineering department prior to mobilisation of our technician to assure the success of work.