Diver Video Cables

Diver Video CablesHydro Cable Systems has been manufacturing Subsea Diver Video Cable for over 20 years. Our CS 382 Cable has become an industry standard.
Our CS382 Diver Video Cable has become an industry standard with stranded inner coax core to assure good flexibility, Water Blocked Cable Interstices, Twisted Screened Pairs (TSP) for Power, Pan & Tilt and Focus, so that no Electromagnetic Interface (EMI) is seen on the video image.

In tropical waters where substantial marine Growth is present, we have added a Stainless Steel Wire Braid and an additional polyurethane outer sheath (CS467) that protects the cable inner sheath thus providing the longest life possible in a very demanding environment where divers are continually pulling umbilical over growth and corals

1 pdf data sheet, CS 382