HRC Hydro Renewables Connector

HRC Hydro Renewables ConnectorOur associate Hydro Group have overcome offshore installation difficulties with the design and protection of a deck-mate connector, taken from the orginal junction box design, which allows installation times on the barge to be reduced from weeks to days or even possibly hours.

Electrical High Voltage Characteristics:
3 phase, 12kV 50/60Hz, Maximum current: 500 Amps, Partial discharge: less 10 pc, Power: 6 – 8 MWatt.

Fibre Optic Characteristics:
Max. no. of fibre optic contacts: 12 way.
Mode options: 9/125 Single Mode, 50/125 Multi Mode or 62.5/125 Multi Mode.
Typical Insertion Loss: <0,5 dB mated pairs.
Typical (SM) Back Reflection: < -30 dB return loss

Electical Low Voltage Characteristics:
1000V rms, 20 Amps, Conductor tail size: 12 AWG

Alternative Configurations:
3 x 12kV,  12 x Fibre Optic,
3 x 12kV,  4 x Fibre Optic,  6 x LV
3 x 12kV,  6 x Fibre Optic, 4 x LV
(Undergoing developments: 33kV)

Mechanical Characteristics:
Number of matings: Up to 100, Submerged design life: 25 years, Connection method: Topside (Dry-mate). Cable Strain Termination and Cable bend Stiffener designed to suit cable. Weak Link design to suit customer cable, activate @ 80% cable braking Strain. Stream Line Design, protective mouldings to allow easy of deployment.

Environmental Characteristics:
Water depth rating: 100 meters, Working temp. ÷20°C to + 60°C.

Product Benefits:
-DNV Certified.
-12 kV Connector wih Optical and/or LV configurations.
-Weak Link Design, allows the connector to separate when subject to 80% of cable breaking strain, ensuring integrity of cable.
-Protective Moulding/Fairing, gives the connector a Stream Line design, allowing easy of deployment.
-Termination of connectors on land allow for quick connection and deployment at sea.
-Loop-back shorted dummy connector allows cable and connector integrity test from shore.

Hydro Bond Eng. is also developing 22 kV and 33 kV capacity.

Working to IEC – TC 114 / IEC – 60502 & API – 17E (Guideline), Hydro Group also design and manufacture custom designed: -bend stiffeners, -Splice boxes, -Sub-sea cable.

Contact us to learn more or to see if this type of technology can be adapted to your application.