Lanyard Release Connectors

Our associate Hydro Group manufactures quick release connection systems to suit all our electrical and optical fibre connector ranges for use in helicopter dipping sonar applications, subsea range cables or any application that would benefit from a quick release or break away system.

Lanyard Release ConnectorsThe lanyard release allows for quick disconnect of the connection system, should the dipping sonar or range cable become snagged or fouled, by simply pulling on the lanyard which is attached to the spring loaded coupling ring. Release of the coupling ring can be factory set at a predetermined break away tension to suit the user application. This is easily re-set, ready for its next use. Another benefit is that all break away coupling parts are retained on the connector halves after actuation of the system. The underwater connectors will be complete functional after a break away in sea, while the connector halves are fully open faced pressure sealed.

Our lanyard release system can be attached to a loop or “bite” of cable several meters back from your expensive subsea equipment, and in the event of an anchor or trawl snag on the cable, our break away coupling will activate and leave your hardware where you want it.

Contact us to learn more or to see if this type of technology can be adapted to your application.