Rubber Moulded Electrical Connectors

Rubber Moulded  ConnectorThe Aquamate series connectors is moulded of high-insulation neoprene that may be mated while wet or underwater. They are often selected when weight and low cost are considerations.

Aquamate connectors are also suitable for most non-magnetic requirements. Male and female connectors are available in bulkhead and in-line configurations. Heat-treated beryllium copper sockets, gold platinng and stainless steel bodies are standard. Options include water-blocking and locking sleeves of durable plastc or heavy-duty Stainless Steel.
These connectors are excellent for use in cable assemlies with splices/breakouts in a wide range of configurations, which we can deliver according to your specification.


The Aquamate line includes:

Standard Circular and Low Profile – SC, (Attached pdf file)

Mini Connector – MC, (Attached pdf file)

Low Profile – LP, (Attached pdf file)

Flat – FAWL / FAWM (Attached pdf file)

Rubber Moulded – RM, (Attached pdf file)

Hermaphroditic (Attached pdf file)

300A, (Attached pdf file)