Cable Splicing Kits

Cable-Splicing-KitsThe Cable Splicing Kits are manufactured from an extremely tough and durable rubber and offer the customer an infield emergency cable splicing repair system.

Cable Splicing kits come in four standard moulds incorporating specially designed flexible cable grips, which accommodate a variety of cable sizes from 5 mm. to 32 mm. in diameter.

Various types of moulds can be designed and supplied on request. I.e. multiple cable entry moulds and “Y” splices, umbilical cable termination moulds and connector over moulds tools.

We also supply “Hydro-Cast”, a two component low viscosity cold setting splicing rubber. This material is supplied in pre-measured containers and obviates the need for operators to weight out the components. Special instructions regarding preparation of cable and metal surfaces are included with each batch of the compound.

The emergency cable repair system has been devised to enable temporary repairs to be performed “on site”. The system provides the best possible repair which it is practical to achieve with a cold setting rubber material.

Once the cable conductors have been crimped together and the sheathing prepared for bounding, it can be loaded into the mould. The mould is treated with release agent. It is opened in “a book like fashion” and the cable inserted into position. The assembly is then pushed into a metal channel which closes the mould and clamps the cable sheath.


“Hydro-Cast” two component liquid rubber is then mixed together and poured into the entry slot and allowed to set (1 – 2 hours). The splice can then be removed from the mould.