Dynamic Flow Line Control Cable

dynamic flowing control cableDynamic Flow Line Control Cable or umbilical is designed to hang in a centenary from between a fixed structure or wellhead platform (WHP) and a floating structure (FPSO). This type of umbilical is normally low in weight with either contra helical armour or Aramid fibre to ensure axial loading.

The Dynamic Flow Line Control Cable would normally incorporate power conductors, instrumental and fibre optics for high data transmission.

Throughout the entire length of the control cable the armour or aramid fibres functions as a load bearing member. The strength members are utilised to secure the umbilical to each installation via a hang off device using flanges, fixing nuts and bolts. Bend stiffeners or bend restrictors are installed to protect the cable vulnerable interfaces. The power cores are rated 0.6 / 1 Kv IEC- 60332-3-22 CAT A. Insulation is normally cross linked polyurethane or RPE. All jacket material is low smoke halogen free thermoset oil resistant compound. The design life of the cable will be at least 10 years and stable when hanging in water.

Fibre optics are constructed with tight buffered, individual fibre reinforced with aramid yarn. The outer jacket is low smoke halogen free.

Dynamic flowing cables are manufactured to DNV, ABS. ISO 13628-5 (API 17E), LRS,