EP Series Connectors

EP Series EX ConnectorThe EP Series Heavy-Duty, Explosion Proof connectors is ATEX certified for use in hazardous environments. The EP Series is derived from the CN Series, an UL and CSA certified ruggedized general purpose connector. The EP Series Connectors are intermateable and interchangeable with other connector brands available in the market.

The EP Series heavy duty, Explosion Proof Connector is manufactured by our associate, the Chicago based company Clements National. In keeping with the same performance as the CN series, The EP Series offer increased performance as the connecor series is certified for use in Zone 1, gas IIC, and Dust 21 environments with IP68 environmental sealing characteristics and T6 temperature class. The EP Series pugs and receptacles comes with protected coupling nut and environmental protection caps for hazardous locations. Both coupling nut and protection cap are locked with two allen head set screws.

Product Features:
-Hazardous area, environmental connector rated IP68
-For use in a zone 1-IIC environment
-Ex d IIA, IIB, IIC-T6, flame and dust proof
-Ratings: Ex d and de for panel mounting
-Large coupling sleeve, secured with captive set screws
-Strong machined hard anodized aluminium body (Other materials on request)
-Vast spectrum of reversible insert configurations for power, signal and mixed applications
-Versatile, reverse gender, field installable insert system.
-Alternate polarization and several key orientations prevent unvanted mateability of multiple connectors of the same configurations.
-From 1 to 68 contacts positions.
-Contact sizes for 18, 16, 12, 10, 4 1/0 and 4/0 AWG.
-Extensive array of hardware and strain relief options.
-Intermateable and interchangeable with other connector brands available in the market.

Certification: Intertek ITS08ATEX15968X – Ex d, Ex de, T6 – Protection Cl