Fiber-link Penetrator

fibre link penetratorThe Hydro Fiber-Link Penetrator can operate at full ocean pressure, i.e. 610 bar. The feed through insert is made from Peek with the penetrator body from Titanium. other materials can be used for lower pressures.

Fiber-Link Penetrator design and construction of optical fibre penetrators can be limited due to cable design and constrution.

The Fiber-Link deep field penetrator can be specified to:
A) Single-mode
B) 50/125 Multi-mode
C) 62.5/125 Multi-mode

The penetrator body uses a 5/8″ – 18 UNK-2A threaded body as a bulkhead or flange mounting. Custom design housings can be accommodated.

The Hydro Fiber-Link Deep Field Penetrator is most suitable for sea bed ploughs, ROV, MUX systems and Deep Sea Platforms.