Fibre Optic Cables

Fibre Optic CableWe offer a range of different fibre optic options including single mode, multimode, tight buffered, loose tube, plastic tube and ruggedized.

Loose Tube Fibre Optic.

Optical fibre enclosed within plastic tube with or without gel and aramid fibre. Suitable for both horizontal and vertical cable applications. Each tube can accommodate several fibres.

Tight Buffered Fibre Optic.

Similar to loose tube with aramid fibre which provides a high strength and crush resistant component suitable for long vertical spans.

Metal Tube Fibre Optic.

Stainless Steel tube encased fibres which can be hermetically sealed. Less flexible than plastic tubes, it however gives a greater physical protection and higher working depth pressures can be obtained.

Ruggedized Applications

The fibre optic is protected in an armour cable strength member with an outer jacket of hydrel or polyurethane. Can be used for underwater sensors and sonars, video, telemetry, ROV controls in shallow and deep water, aerial camera tethers, thermistor cables, seismic, sowobuoys and range cables.

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