Hairy Fairing of cable

hairy_fairing1When cables are used in underwater towing applications, the cable will oscillate or strum. This vibration of the cable can cause serve increase in the drag coefficient of the cable. As the cable is round, a vortex is created at the opposite face of the cable, reducing efficiency and increasing drag.

“Hairy Fairing” will decrease the hydrodynamic drag by 40 – 60%. The “Hairy fairing” can be incorporated in a short length of cable, or for the entire length of cable.

The fairing material can be polyester, polyamide or copolymer in construction.

Key advantages include;

– Cables are unaffected by winches or sheaving

– Utilise excisting deployment equipment

– Major reduction in cable vibration

– Reduced accustic noice

– Improved longevity of cable performance

– Cable chafing and abrasion is reduced

– Available in any cable diameter


Applications include;

– Seismic tow cables

– Sonar buoy cables

– Towed array cables

– Thermisor array and string cables

– ROV tethers