Push Rod Inspection Cables

push rod inspection cablesPush Rod Cables are used for video inspection equipment used in pipe inspection industry. These cables use a high tensile stress member in the centre of the cable.

Push Rod Inspection Cables unique design enables the cable to act as a rod to push equipment long distances into the pipe and ensure the video equipment can navigate tight bends. Outer jacket material is “low drag” high abrasion resistant. Multi strand conductors are used to minimize fatigue due to extended flexing. Cables are also water blocked and bundled with an aramid braid.

We can design a cable that fits your application for any size of inspection camera system.

Key features:

– Central rigid glass fibre rod.

– water blocking internal interstices.

– Coax & fibre optics to reduce diameter.

– High coefficient.

– High visibility outer jacket colours.

Associated datasheets: 1 off pdf cable data sheet, CS779