Range Cables

range cablesAcoustic or magnetic signature ranges utilize a number of sensors which are positioned or anchored on the seabed. Range cables retain power, instrumentation and fibre optic data conductors, connecting the sensor to a shore landing and finally to a control or operation station.

Range Cables is usually permanent or fixed in one location with many cables buried or attached to concrete stations. Transportable ranges are deployed from surface boats and require to light in weight and flexible for ease of manhandling and rapid deployment.

We can deliver design and provide complete cable systems incorporating underwater mateable connectors. Cable constructions can have steel wire armour or aramid braiding which offer mechanical and tensile protection.

Termination options can include lanyard snatch release. Subsea junction box splitters can be custom designed for various local hazards or conditions. Anchoring weights, bend restrictors or launch & recovery pad eyes can also be supplied.

Associated Datasheets: 1 off pdf cable data sheet, CS 1611