ROV Tether Cables

ROV Tether CablesTethers supply the vital link from the ROV to the surface or control module, either directly or via the tether management system(TMS) through the main lift umbilical. The total services provided by the tether are power, CCTV, signal and communications via fibre optical, coaxial or twisted pair conductors.

ROV Tether Cables normally have a mechanical strength  incorporated into the design, using aramid fibres by multilayer braids or centre strength cords of aramid fibres.

ROV tethers are strategic component in the supporting performance of the cubicle, so the design and construction has to address crucial factors such as small diameter, flexibility, ruggedness, buoyancy, depth and handling requirements. These design criteria are familiar to our design engineers, whom can offer proof, qualification, flex, pull, and pressure testing of tether cables, and further professional end termination on our own or free issue connectors.

Associated Data Sheets

1 off pdf cable data sheet, CS 1884