HMC Mini Connector (Electrical / Fibre Optic)

HMC Mini ConnectorThe Miniature Connector (HMC) is a new range of Underwater Connectors which utilises high pin density in a small package. This connector range is rated to 1250 MSW and also comes in a low voltage and fibre optic combination.

HMC Mini Connector Deck Mate range from Hydro Bond Eng. have overall shell size (coupling ring) from 16 – 18 and 22 mm. O.D. Material in Stainless Steel as standard and standard electrical configuration options from 2 to 32 way in the various shell sizes. It also comes in a low voltage and fibre optic (multi or single mode) combination. Positive metal key way prevents misalignment and rotation, and is designed for continual mate de-mate usage.

-Robust, compact, high integrity design, high pin densities.
-Positive metal key way prevents misalignment and rotation.
-Scoop proof design.
-O-ring seals for ease of maintenance and reliability.
-Hard gold plated contacts and multi leaved sprung sockets for positive connection.
-Optional cost effective sealing caps are available in a wide variety of materials.
-Voltage ratings up to 240 Volts RMS. Current ratings from 2 – 35 Amps.
-None magnetic bodies available.

-Long life connector with easily maintained O-ring seals.
-Designed for continual mate and de-mate usage (design cycle 5000).
-Easy to use pressure sealing caps.
-Pins are protected during mating cycle.
-Small dimensions and high pin density.
-Wide variety of pin configurations.