Marine Renewables Products

renewable energyTogether with our associates, we can offer a comprehensive range of services to the marine renewable sector. They have extensive experience in the design of electrical connection systems tailor made to the customers specific requirements.

Marine Renewables Products can the following be mentioned:

- Subsea junction/splice boxes, to  provide connection between the umbilical from the energy converter to the seabed cable that sends the electrical energy back to shore. Each box is dry internally and is designed to house high voltage (power) splices, low voltage (signal) splices and fiber optic splices.

- Underwater connectors from 11kv, 22kv, 33kv.

- Water blocked electrical and fiber optic penetrators into wave/tidal energy converters.

- Umbilical cable containing power, signal and fibre optic bundles, rated up to 11kv and 16 optic lines.

- Mechanical armour terminations for both seabed and umbilical cables.

- Self flooding adaptor spools to attach self flooding umbilical cables.